Monday, August 8, 2011

Murivenna & Its Importance

Each Ayurveda oil (thailam) has a unique & specific formula that can contain the components of up to 50 different plants. As the oil molecule is extremely small it easily penetrates the skin, delivering the medicinal properties to all the cells in the body.

In Ayurveda, Murivenna is a curative for abhighaataja rogas and vata disorders. Murivenna is used as Ayurvedic massage oil that helps reduce pain, aches, cuts, swelling in joints, broken bones or fractures, and contains powerful healing properties. Murivenna oil is also used in kalari therapy.

Application of Murivenna oil, to the body encourages toxins to the surface. Daily application over the torso from side to side can increase metabolism. Warm the oil up slightly and then massage on the affected area well, and leave on for at least an hour before washing off. Very good for fractures or swelling due to accidents.

Murivenna Ingredients

* Moringa (drum stick tree)
* Betal Leaf
* Small Onion
* Pongamia Pinnata
* Aloevera
* Asparagus
* Indian Dammer
* Oryza Sativa
* Coconut Oil.

The common medicated oil used in Kalari therapy is Murivenna (oil for wounds), which is a traditional folk preparation. An analysis of the medicine used in the Kalari for bone setting and massage will show that the Kalari master of the olden times were influenced by the folk medical knowledge, Ayurveda and siddha medicine.

It is always a good idea to refrigerate oils after they are open. A change in climate may cause the oil to harden. Simply warm the bottle to 75 degrees and the oil will liquefy. Changing states does not alter the properties of the oil.


  1. for wedge compression of D 11 vertrebre any medicine do recommend

  2. This wedge compression , for a person of 75 years old.

  3. After applying murivenna in my legs suffering from osteoarthritis I have experienced increase in pain. Pain was so intense and was from the hip to the knees that I was not able to sleep. I do not know why it is so when murivenna is supposed to reduce the pain.

    1. some times your condition may not suit to apply murivenna and other oils in your affected part as per ayurvedic principle

      so try ellum nishadi or guloochipathradi choorna of SNA mixed with dhanyamla and apply


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