Thursday, February 10, 2011

Nurturing a Child with Autism

Autism is a mental disorder that is mainly characterized by diminished social interaction.Autism usually occurs at the stage of infancy and grows to adulthood and generally cannot be treated with any medicines as of now.


Autism is not just characterized by impaired social interaction. The symptoms of autism generally varies from one person to another since there is a wide range of characteristics or symptoms that can be seen in an autistic child.

But the general symptoms include impaired communication,loss of interest in activities,inability to understand variations in speech and words like humor or sarcasm. Inability to see things in another person's perspective

Dealing with an autistic child:

It is very important to give all the emotional support that you can to your child to understand and cope with everyday life's activities.Here are some simple tips to help your child deal with autism in a better way.

Every Autistic child is unique:

Always remember that the symptoms that are seen in one autistic child may not be seen in another.Therfore it is important to know what symptoms Your child shows and find method to counter it.There are several typical symptoms that an autistic child shows like stacking toys and other materials in a line,self injury like biting or scratching himself/herself,banging his/her head to the wall,strange,repetitive body movements etc.

Compromise with the child:

Since autistic children can also exhibit wild and stubborn behaviour, its very important to loosen up a little and not force your child to certain things. This only aggrevates the child's behaviour further.

Encourage and complement your child further:

If your child successfully performs a job or an activity, don't forget to complement and encourage to perform better in future.

Change the Environment:

As we mentioned before, autistic children general have a habit of injuring themselves.So try to modify the surroundings in a way that would be safe for the child to play or perform basic activities.Remove everything that the child might harm himself/herself with.Also,make sure the child does not lock himself/herself in.

Avoid sources leading to over excitement:

Any source that might lead to an over excited or irritated behaviour must be avoided.This can be done by avoiding taking the child to places like amusement parks or places with loud music etc..


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